White Collar Sideshow is Returning to The Merge

If you like LOTS of drumming … something that is very different … something you can only appreciate live … and something that is very, very thought provoking … then you have to come see WHITE COLLAR SIDESHOW (WCS).  It’s a FREE show on Friday, Oct 25 @ 8pm @ The Merge.  We will be taking an offering that will be given in full to the band.

WCS will not be everyone’s cup of tea.  Their shows are about 1 hour concept shows with video running behind them while they perform.  Their group consists, in part, of the “Faceless Woman” in a cage because she represents a woman who has become a mere object, not a person.  And there is also a performer with a pig’s mask because … well, he is a pig.  You get the idea.  Yeah, it’s different.  But I believe in this powerful ministry that doesn’t pull any punches.

To date, WCS has created two full shows.  Their last was based on the 7 deadly sins which they performed at The Merge in 2012.  For the upcoming show, they have combined their two shows, thus creating a new show of sorts.

I love these guys and their ministry is one of a kind!  Pass the word that they are coming.WCS

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