Why I Left Facebook

fb 2Let me begin by admitting that Facebook (FB) has a lot to offer.  It’s a great way for connecting with old friends, sharing pictures, dispensing information, following bands, and even messaging people who don’t text.  But I’ve discovered over the past year that’s it’s simply not for me.  Let me explain.

1.  I’m feeling over-connected and want to simplify things a bit.  I love technology and that includes my iPhone.  But recently I’ve found myself coming home and purposely banishing my phone to the bedroom.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the world will keep going if I don’t check my latest email, text or FB message.   Something has simply got to go.  FB has become the first victim.

2.  I’m tired of getting a few dozen notifications each day.  There are so many, I simply don’t have the patience to actually read them.  You have to understand, I also get lots of email everyday.  It’s simply too much!  Yeah, I turned off the farmville requests and the likes a long time ago!  It didn’t help much.

3.  In some ways FB creeps me out a bit.  It seems a bit like spying on people.  Yeah, I know that they put it out there, but still.

4.  Ever been included in a 30 person group message?  And then after it starts blowing up my phone, I have to explain why I’m leaving the conversation.  I always feel uneasy for leaving the conversation.  But at the same time …

5.  I get tired on everyone’s personal rants.  I’ve had to unfollow a lot of friends because all they do is bash the President, push some other agenda, or use it as a platform for complaining about this or that.  Seriously?  FB should be a fun place I like to go but it often doesn’t seem to be.  By the way, I see the possible hypocrisy with this post.  But really, I’m not venting or angry in any way.  And I’m not trying to tell you to leave FB.  My wife is an advid FBer and she enjoys it a great deal.  I just felt like sharing.

6.  For me, FB has simply become a big time waster.  You know, you’re bored and so FB is one of the places you turn.  I just feel like I need to do more productive things.

Oh, there are other reasons like seeing the horrible photos people post of me, but I think you get the picture.  Well there it is.  I’ve been told over and over that I should be on FB, but sometimes you just have to be true to yourself.

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