Reviews of My Book

My book has been reviewed in at least five places now.

1.  Stone-Campbell Journal (Spring 2009).

2.  Scot McKnight’s blog.

3.  Jeff Miller @ Emmanuel Christian Seminary

4.  Priscilla Papers (Autumn 2010).

5.  The “God’s Word to Women” web, where you can find part of chapter 5.


3 thoughts on “Reviews of My Book”

  1. I read Chapter 5 through Adobe. I look forward to reading the rest of the book when I get back to Missouri. Excellent, you brought up many of the questions and inconsistencies I have run into over the years. I especially appreciated the tables with the side by side translations, It allows for a clear visual within the framework of your larger arguement.

    1. what’s funny Angi, is that someone told me to delete that section where I compare the translations. then someone else told me it was the best section in the book and not to delete it. obviously, i went with the latter.

  2. Reblogged this on Pull Up a Chair and commented:
    Book reviews and a link to a chapter excerpt from my husband’s book 95 Theses Which Dispute the Church’s Conviction Against Women. This book is a thorough work on the subject, including exegesis of key passages, theological framework for discussion, as well as more pragmatic implications. Scot McKnight calls it “a book that cannot be ignored.”

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