Do People Care?

I just talked to an old friend who is going through some difficult times.  It really hurts (I mean, it really does) when you hear of Christian friends who feel abandoned and let down by their loved ones and church family.  How is it, that a person can leave a church and nobody cares enough to call?  How can a person suffer through divorce and then get shunned by friends who now judge him?  How can a Christian feel like he has nobody to turn to in his church?  Christian brothers and sisters, we have got to get with the program.  This is an old song and dance that needs to be tossed to the curb. Is it that our churches are filled with believers only and not Christ-followers?  Is it that our selfishness gets in the way of our love for others?   Or perhaps it’s our pride?  You know, it makes us feel better to see we don’t experience the faults of others.  I don’t know, but it should make us grieve when the body of Christ fails to remain connected to the Head.  As a body, we should be striving to work with Christ as He guides us through this messed up world we live in.  But instead, we seem content to remain disconnected from our own Head.  We must make true disciples, and not casual followers, of the One who gave His life for us.


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