A Mission You Should Support

A few weeks ago I took our college baseball team to Juarez, Mexico to build a home for a family in need.  We went with an organization called Casas por Cristo (casasporcristo.org).  Simply amazing!  In about 2 1/2 days we build a 22 x 11 additon to their home which will make an incredible difference in the life of this family.  Prior to our arrival, they were living in a one room structure (husband, wife and two kids).

Casas por Cristo is making a real difference in this world.  To date, they have built over 4,000 homes!  This trip was well organized and very rewarding.  And in spite of all the negative news about Juarez, the trip was very safe.  We got up early in the morning and drove to our work site.  Then, before dark, we returned to the church we were staying at and never left in the evenings.

A trip with Casas is a life changing experience!  They can accomodate groups of all sizes (we had 13 people).  You pay for the house, you build the house and you dedicate the house.  I wish I could truly express how much I believe in what this organization is doing.

Casas needs your support, but more importantly, the poor need your help.  Many of us have living rooms which are larger than the entire homes some of these people live in.  And think about it, if you have a garage, I can guarantee it is larger.  The Bible is clear in that helping the needy is not optional.  I highly recommend you giving Casas por Cristo a call so you can partner up with them.

Below is a link to a newscast that Casas was featured on.  Casas was being interviewed as we pulled back in after our trip.  Thus, some of the team from St. Louis Christian College was also on the news.



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