I Love Diversity

We had a dance group at The Merge today called God Can Dance!.  It’s just so cool to see people use their unique gifts for the glory of God.  Many of us don’t give enough attention to the diversity which surrounds us.  Of course, many of us are terrified of the diversity, which is why things such as racism exist in the world today.

I’ve learned to appreciate the uniqueness of individuals and am so thankful we are not all alike!  What a boring world we would live in if it were not for God’s thoughtful creativeness.

We didn’t have a traditional song service or sermon today. Julius Sims and his crew provided both through their ministry.  They spoke of grace, prayer, searching & finding God, as well as the victory we have in Christ.  Now that is some good preaching!  God speaks to people in so many diverse ways.  The response we got today was amazing!

If you’re interested in having God Can Dance! come to your church, you can contact them on Facebook @ The “God Can Dance!” Radical Dance Ministry.


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