Solid Commentary on Genesis 1-4

Let’s face it; we all have a million questions about the early chapters of Genesis. Unfortunately, many commentators seem more intent on forcing their agenda (e.g., young earth) on the text than on doing solid exegesis.  I found a solid commentary which does the latter!  It’s called Genesis 1-4:  A Linguistic, Literary, and Theological Commentary and is written by C. John Collins.

Yeah, it’s not the type of book which has mass appeal and will fly off the shelves at your local Christian bookstore.  But if you’re looking for some solid commentary on Genesis 1-4, this is your book.  Because I’m so interested in these chapters, I read the whole thing.   But as the subtitle says, it’s a commentary.  Thus, it can used as a reference book that can make up part of your commentary collection.


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