Concert Brings Joy

We had the “77s Unplugged” (Mike Roe & David Leonhardt) here last week.  That’s half of The 77s (  Wow, they have some hard core fans.  One guy drove 2 hrs for this show and a few others drove 1 1/2 hours.  One person told me that he wouldn’t miss this show for anything!

This was an odd experience for me because I’ve been listening to Christian music for 25 years and yet I was not very familar with the 77s (still surprises me).  I had seen them at the Cornerstone Festival a few years back and knew they were regulars at the event and so I decided to book them at The Merge.  It was a solid show!  But what struck me was that I could feel the joy that some of these hard core fans were experiencing.  After the show, one guy was waiting to speak with Mike Roe (also of “The Lost Dogs”) and he said he was so nervous that he was literally shaking.  Very cool!

This whole thing reminded me of when I saw DeGarmo & Key at Cornerstone in 2008 (their last show before Dana Key passed away).  It was the event of a lifetime for me; what a joy!  I love music and simply can’t imagine a world without it.  I just love the fact that The Merge was able to provide great memories for so many people that night.

Thanks to Melanie for the great pic! … Melanie Haynes Photography


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