The Reboot

Last night I was thinking of one of the reasons I love computers so much.  When things go wrong and get messed up, you can often just reboot and simply start over.  If only life were so easy!

Of course, it’s right here that I could start dropping so many of the Christian statements that get tossed around.  It might sound like, “Well, in Christ everyday is new.  So life really is as easy as rebooting every day.”  I agree and also completely disagree.

Yes, as far as the Christians’ relationship with God goes, everyday is a reboot.  We can always start over with God.  His mercy and forgiveness is real.  Life also tells me, however, that when I get locked up with life’s difficulties, I can’t just simply reboot.  See, sometimes we inflict damage that can’t be fixed with a magical reboot.  God’s mercies may be new everyday, but we can’t expect people to behave as God does all the time.  People are people and they are not always experts in damage control.

My experience with computer glitches is that they are usually the result of one of two things.  Either you have a nasty virus running around (by the way, sometimes the result of surfing inappropriate web sites) or the user was doing something he/she shouldn’t have been doing (e.g., keying things too fast or downloading unsafe files).  When the computer reaches an intolerable performance level, we often reboot and hope for the best.

We often do things in our lives (e.g., saying something stupid) that can’t be fixed with a reboot.  So you know what the moral of the story is.  We have to do our best to do things right the first time.  Life doesn’t come with a reboot button!


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