Prayer Thoughts – Half Truths

After praying this morning, I did not walk away with any specific thought. But as I jumped into my Bible reading, something hit me.  I started reading through my chronological Bible this past Monday (The One Year Chronological Bible).  Right now, I’m up to Job 38.

As you may know, in the midst of Job’s suffering his “friends” keep tossing in their two cents as to explain his sudden turn of events (he was prosperous but has now lost everything).  What hit me this morning is how his friends continually speak some truth and some trash.  They have their moments when they seem as if they speak biblical truth, but then they speak absoulte nonsense.

It strikes me that half-truths are the most dangerous of all lies.  There are many voices in this world, but Christians should easily spot a clear lie (something obviously not biblical).  More difficult, however, is a biblical truth mixed with something false.

The Take-Away.  We can’t solely depend on Christian leaders to show us the way.  Indeed, some of these “leaders” are preaching falsehoods.  Instead, we must read God’s Word, study it, meditate on it and let it be a light that guides.  And as stated earlier this week, we must learn to recognize the voice of Jesus above all others.


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