Prayer Thought – Obedience

When I was a young Christian, it seemed like obedience often brought about quick and encouraging results.  Now that I’m some 30 years into this journey, things are very different.  In fact, obedience often breeds discouragement!  We live in culture which expects quick results and Christians are no different.  In fact, people often judge the success of a ministry by its quick results.   My experience with God, however, is that He is not so much interested in complying with that expectation.

God says “obey” and we must stay the course and trust God.  It is only when we are unable to find a solution from within our own abilities that God is clearly seen as the One who will provide.  We can be self glory seekers or we can seek to see His glory shine through.

I’ve been reading of Abraham.  His story of patience (waiting for a son) is a lesson we must take to heart.  In the end, God gave Isaac.  And when God tested Abraham with the sacrifice of Isaac (Gen 22), God once again came through and saved the day by providing a ram in Isaac’s place.  What did Abraham do?  He named the place “The Lord will provide.”  “God, help us each have the obedience, faith and patience necessary to one day name our place ‘The Lord will provide.'” 



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