Prayer Thought – Purpose

As you can see from both the picture and title of my blog on the home page, I often wonder about the universe.  Its vastness is incomprehensible!  When you consider that humans have still not walked on a neighboring planet, it reminds one of how small we are.  We are dots on an average size planet, in a small solar system, in a remote part of one galaxy among millions.  It’s simply mind-boggling.  This causes me to wonder about faith and God.

These issues then lead me to consider the human body.  It’s a marvelous and complex “design” that we still do not completely understand.  For me at least, evolution is an absurd concept which requires more faith than I have.  Both the body and the universe show design which point towards a designer – a Creator.

But then I always come back to God.  Where did God come from?  This is the question which leaves one feeling helpless.   The biblical answer God gives is that “He didn’t come from.”  Instead, He is and always has been.  I try to understand this by considering the fact that God (like a computer programmer) did not give my mind the ability to understand this question.

Where am I going with all of this?  God is a “big God” who holds galaxies in His hands, who created sentient beings to know Him.  How awesome our God must be!  And what purpose He must have for us!  “God, thank You for creating me.  Help me follow after You.  Help me live within the will and purpose You have for me.  Help me come to know You more fully.”


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