Prayer Thought – Our Protector

Lately I’ve been praying before reading my Bible but today I reversed that.  I read Genesis 31-32 where it tells of Jacob’s leaving Laban after 20 years of service.  Genesis 31:38-42 provides a striking description of how Laban mistreated Jacob (e.g., changing his wages ten times).  But in the end Jacob says, “But God has seen my hardship and the toil of my hands, and last night He rebuked you (Laban).”

This just struck a chord with me.  We live in a world of complainers and critics who sometimes almost seem bent on ruining our day.  It’s tempting to respond to criticism and defend yourself of the false accusations.  Sometimes, however, we simply need to keep a closed lip and remember that God is our protector, our defender.  God knows the scoop and while some will twist the truth, what God knows is really what matters most.  “Lord, give me the wisdom to know when I should speak and when I should simply let You defend me.  My service, while far from perfect, is done for You.”


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