Prayer Thought – Difficulty

Praying this morning was difficult.  Yesterday, I received news that one of my oldest friends suddenly passed away from heart failure.  When my mind isn’t busy, I just want to cry.  It was hard to focus my mind on God this morning, as my thoughts keep drifting to my friend.  I did find helpful, however, praying out loud.  More often than not, I sit quietly and speak to the Lord.  But sometimes, I do find that praying out loud helps keep me a bit more focused – try it and see if it helps you too.

I realized that reading my Bible would also focus my mind, so I went at it.  But then I read about Rachel dying in childbirth to Benjamin.  Not so comforting.  To make matters worse, I went on to read of Isaac’s death.  But this is one of the reasons I love the Bible.  See, it’s real.  Life includes death.  I’m 49 years-old and one would think that by now dealing with such issues would get easier.  But it does not.

We must forge ahead and live our lives to the fullest, not wasting the precious time God has given us to enjoy this miracle He has provided.  We must not only look back to old memories, but we must keep creating new ones.  “Lord, help me use my life responsibly.  Help me please You and help me make a difference in this world.”




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