Prayer Thought – Where is God?

We often ask, “Where is God?”  This seems particularly true during times of trial and grief.  During these difficult times we tend to question faith, truth and meaning.  All the while, however, God is present.  As I was praying this morning I was thinking of how God seems to have a flair for the dramatic.  He waits and waits, while our circumstances often grow grim.  I’m sure Daniel had rather never been thrown in the lion’s den.  Had you ever thought about that before?  I’m sure the three Hebrews weren’t thrilled about the fiery furnace.  And I’m sure Joseph had rather not been sold into slavery.  They must have all wondered, “Where is God?”

God often waits until our backs are against the wall so that the glory can be attributed to nobody except Him.  The testimonies we give must not have a glimmer of self-exaltation.  It must be all for the Lord Jesus who never leaves us or forsakes us.

As I was reading of Joseph this morning, I thought about how we often focus on the 22 years Joseph had been separated from his family.  But today’s reading turned my focus towards his father Jacob.  Jacob grieved for 22 years over his son who was supposedly dead (and great was his grief).  He must have wondered, “Where was God when my son was killed?”  The answer to that question, and to ours, is that God is always present.  Sometimes He has a miracle waiting for us on the other side of our trial.  When those miracles present themselves, remember who it was who gave it!  “Lord, in times of trial which may be present and surely lie ahead, let my faith stay strong.  Help me trust in You, the One who holds tomorrow.  Let me give You praise for Your watchful eye over my life.” 


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