Prayer Thought – Testimony

Yesterday in church, we talked about 3 John.  The big take-aways for me were two-fold.  Do you have a testimony?  Do you walk in truth?  This morning I re-read 3 John a few times.  What stuck out to me was how John told Gaius that he had no greater joy than to hear of his “children” walking in the truth (something Gaius was doing).

This left me with two thoughts.  If seeing people follow Christ was John’s greatest joy, than perhaps his greatest sorrow would be to see people not following after Jesus.  Does it pain you when people go astray?  My other thought was that Jesus would probably echo these words.  It must be His greatest joy to see people walking in His truth.  And again, His greatest sorrow must be when we do not.

Are you a living testimony for Jesus?  Are you walking in the truth?  Lord, help me live in such a way that my life, my testimony, will lead others into your truth.


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