Prayer Thought – Radical

I just finished a 2010 book called Radical by David Platt.  To say that it has stirred me is an understatement.  I’m praying about my American, water-downed, non-radical, mediocre Christian lifestyle which essentially ignores a great deal of what Jesus actually says.  I made Jesus my Lord when I was 19 and now I feel like I’ve let Him down far too often.

My Christianity is an embarrassment to God.  Both my prayer life and Bible reading are too inconsistent and lack self-discipline, as other things find a way to supplant them.  While I’ve been on missions trips to Guatemala and Mexico, I am faced with the reality that I really am not a globally minded Christian.  And while I have sacrificed a great deal for my Lord, I have not sacrificed near enough.  I still hoard ridiculous possessions I do not need that could help fund actual needs in the world.

Sound familiar?  Yeah, I know the answer.  It’s probably every single person that reads this.  Is Jesus our Lord or not?  Are we living for eternity or are we living for present comfort?  Are you really willing to obey the radical Jesus?  “Jesus, forgive me.  Help me read Your words with fresh insight and a willing heart to obey.”



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