I recently picked up Radical:  Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream (2010) by David Platt.  While some might say, “Hey Scott, you’re only four years late,” I prefer to think that God put it in my hands in His perfect time.  Listen, this book is a life changer!  No, I’m not overstating this.  Get your copy, pray and then begin reading.  In an effort to get our entire church moving in the same direction, we are using Platt’s six-week study as well.

Have you often thought that Christianity didn’t deliver what others promised it would?  Have you become bored in your Christian walk?  Have you been underwhelmed or had the feeling there was a great deal more to this stuff?  If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, it may just be because you’re another victim of the watered down Christianity our churches promote.  This book won’t give you “three easy steps to success” or the answer to “how to live a successful lifestyle.”  No, it’s not filled with that endless fluff that far too often invades our pulpits.  Instead, it will challenge you to listen to the words of Jesus without some hermeneutical gymnastics to explain away what He is calling you to.  Please, go get it!



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