Prayer Thought – Following God

About a week ago, I sat down and read Matthew one night.  I began focusing in on the word “follow.”  Sometimes we read that Jesus says, “Follow Me” and sometimes we read that others simply followed Him.  I marked the following verses:  5:19, 22; 8:19,22; 9:9; 10:38; 12:15; 16:24; 19:2, 21, 27; 20:29.  I may have missed something but it’s much more fun to do this stuff yourself, rather than simply doing a word search in Logos.

What struck me that night, is that Peter and Andrew left their nets and followed Him (5:20).  James and John left their boat and their father and followed Him (5:22).  Matthew got up from his tax collecting booth and followed Him (9:9).  And later, Peter said, “Behold, we have left everything and followed You” (19:27).

Ever since, I keep asking myself what in the world I have left to follow Jesus!  I haven’t followed Jesus at the expense of forsaking my securities.  I haven’t followed Him with the willingness to sell all of my pitiful possessions.  And I haven’t followed Him without wanting to get things in order first.  I’m faced with the fact that I’m not following very hard.  I’m a comfortable Christian – and there is the problem!  Is there really such a thing?  Belief in Jesus should cause one to follow, to really follow.  Are we willing to leave it all to follow after God?  “Lord, fix my messed up heart.  Fix my messed up priorities.  Help me follow after You with complete devotion.”



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