Prayer Thought – Everyday!

I teach a leadership course on T/Th at the college where I work.  I often have guest speakers come to this class, and yesterday Robert Loggins (Metro Mission St. Louis) shared with us.  Loggins asked a question to the class.  He asked if we spend time with God everyday, and if so, how much time?   Such a simple question, such a profound question!  And yet, we often hear such a question and just shrug it off by saying something like, “I just have a difficult time praying” or “I have difficulty finding time.”

We have to ask ourselves if God is worthy of our time EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It’s not enough to say, “I pray while I’m driving.”  If we are truly following after Jesus, we must mark out God time on our busy schedules – DAILY GOD TIME.

Often, images about prayer involve someone standing with their arms outstretched, with a beautiful skyline as a backdrop.  The problem with these images is that after seeing them over and over again, we may begin to think that seeking after God always involves some mountain top experience. You can almost see the joyful smile on this guy’s face, as he has had a breakthrough in prayer.

But listen, seeking after God daily just doesn’t look like this all the time.  It’s taking 30-60 minutes (yes, let’s quit pretending that 10 minutes will draw us close to God) and speaking to God, reading His word, journaling a bit, etc.  It’s something we must do if we want to really follow after Jesus.  At this point in my life, after trying many cop-out methods, I find this as non-negotiable.  We’re either in this to seek God or we can remain only slightly changed by the power of the Gospel.  “Lord, prayer can be difficult and even mysterious to us.  The enemy would have us believe it’s really not that necessary.  Open my eyes.  Place a hunger within me and help me see that for my faith to survive, I must seek you.  You sustain me and You alone.”


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