Prayer Thought – Yielding

Shortly before Joshua’s death, he delivers one final message from God to the people.  Then, Joshua gives his own words of advice by giving the now famous, “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve” speech (Josh 24:15).  But what struck me this morning came afterwards.  In verse 23, Joshua said, “Throw away the foreign gods that are among you and yield your hearts to the Lord.”

Since we’ve all heard this sermon a couple million times, I was inclined to write about something else.  But you know, one reason we’ve heard what I’m about to say so often is because we need to hear it!  So here it comes.  We all have the metaphorical foreign gods that we need to throw away.  We may or may not “worship” them, but they most definitely draw our hearts away from what matters most.  Some like me “worship” athletics, while others have their hearts drawn to film, music, politics or even family.  Yes, some live solely for their families.

Let’s face it, if God asked you on given day to choose Him, a family event or playoff game, many would easily justify choosing one of the latter two.  Do such decisions not show that we have other “gods?”  We must come to the place where we do not struggle with decisions which would place other things above the Lord.  The multiple choice questions we leave ourselves really should not be so difficult; we are to yield our hearts to the Lord.  “Lord, fix my priorities.  Open my eyes to the things I frequently place above you.  Forgive my sin and give me the desire to yield my heart fully to You.”



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