An App Worth the Download


About a month ago, I downloaded Unreached of the Day.  It’s put out by Joshua Project.  Each day you learn about a people group in the world who, in many cases, have never heard the Gospel.  They tell you their population, their religious beliefs, their occupations and whether or not the Bible has been translated into their language.

I love this app.  Not only am I praying for people all over the world, but I’m learning many things in the process.  First, while I’m fascinated with the universe as a whole, this app continually reminds me that I really know nothing about the 6 billion people living on planet earth.  I live in a small bubble and I’m desperately working to escape it.  Second, as I use this app and look around in my house, I am once again reminded at how blessed I am.  A few days back we prayed for a nomadic group whose possessions consist solely of animals.  And now I feel sick when I think of times I have bemoaned having no money.

Please download this app.  Take a few minutes each day and pray for the group.  And then watch how God will also change you in the process!


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