Prayer Thought – Availability

1 Samuel 2 tells of how Eli, the priest, was looking the other way to his son’s corruption.  And so the Lord sent someone to pronounce judgment on Eli and his sons.

It’s the words that struck me.  1 Samuel 2:27 says, “Now a man of God came to Eli …”  Yeah, those words grabbed my attention.  We’re not told that it was a mighty prophet or a person that the “Spirit of the Lord came upon.”  And it sure wasn’t a person of notoriety; we don’t even know his name!  We’re simply told that “a man of God” went to deliver God’s message.

God can use anyone who puts their trust in Him.  It’s not a matter of race, privilege, wisdom, age or gender.  God can and will use the person who makes themself available.  Grant me the focus that can push aside the distractions that draw my attention away from You.  Help me live a life that places You above all other things.  Lord, use me for Your glory.   


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