Prayer Thought – Persecution

Our church began Operation World’s 60 day prayer experience this past Saturday.  They have you pray for 60 countries in 60 days.  I’m still moved by what I read yesterday concerning the country of Bhutan.


Here’s one of the bits of information:

Challenges for Prayer:  Christians are denied religious freedom and are persecuted in various ways. Church buildings are forbidden in all but a very few cases; most fellowships must meet in homes. Bhutanese who become Christian face the loss of their citizenship, of other benefits – such as free education, health care, employment – and of access to electricity and water. In some instances, harassment and beatings occur. Despite these, groups of believers are forming and increasingly spreading across the breadth of the country.

Would you follow Jesus under the same circumstances?  We must be sold out for Christ and we must pray for our brothers and sisters who are sacrificing all for the sake of our Lord.


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