Prayer Thought – Sound Decision Making

1 Samuel 30 tells of the Amalekites raiding the city of Ziklag.  In the process, the Amalekites burned the city and took captive the wives, sons and daughters of David and his men.  The men were so upset that they actually spoke of stoning David!  This prompted David to consult with the priest and inquire of the Lord, as to if he should pursue the Amalekites.  God revealed that David would certainly overtake them and rescue the people.  David did just that, even retrieving the stolen livestock in the process.

This little story teaches an important lesson – a lesson against making knee-jerk reactions!  After an event as heartbreaking as this (and having the people even threaten David), it would have been easy to just quickly go and try to solve the problem.  We’ve all made that dreadful mistake.  But David “found strength in the Lord” (v. 6), collected himself and went to God in prayer.  “Lord, when I find myself at a place where I want to lash out and get even, please give me the wisdom to slow down and come to You with the concerns in my life.  Save me the embarrassment and regret that comes with making hasty emotional decisions.  Be my light in times of anger and frustration.”  


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