Prayer Thought: Growing in our Faith

My fall house project this year has been painting the fascia and soffit on my house (I’m too stupid to put siding over them). It’s occurred to me that this regular maintenance is a great deal like our need to grow in our faith.

First, to accomplish this task I have to climb a ladder and get in some very uncomfortable positions (I’m not thrilled about heights). At times, growing in our faith also requires us to get out of our comfort zone. For me personally, I can most definitely say that most growth comes from stepping out into new avenues of trust with God. Second, I needed my son to help me with part of this. Well, Christian growth often requires the community of believers to come along side us.

Third, painting wood boards on the outside of your home is a complete waste of time unless your first scrape away all of the chipping paint. I mean, you can’t put new paint over old paint that’s just going to fall off! Of course, this also reminds me of the Christian life because Jesus doesn’t just call us to “put on” some new things. He knows that we must also make the effort to “take off” some of the old junk. It’s a process that lasts a lifetime, but we need to keep chipping away at the old junk and replace it with something which can resist the forces that fight against us.

“Lord, help me grow in my faith – in my relationship with You. Challenge me, encourage me, and let me please You.”



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