The Bible is a frustrating book to many Christians. It’s not uncommon to hear that it’s difficult to understand. To complicate the matter, we live in a culture that dismisses the importance of God’s word altogether and we are left to wonder if Scripture has lost its impact. At a time when the world needs the wisdom of God’s word, many are skeptical as to why they should bother reading the Bible at all. Scott Womble brings hope to this bleak situation by showing how we can not only learn to read and interpret the Bible more skillfully, but also enjoy our time in study. In addition to discussing critical issues such as literary context, genre identification, and background study, Womble breaks new ground by encouraging us to both “hear” and “see” the text (semiotics). This incorporation of semiotics into the interpretive process helps us more fully interact with the word. While sound interpretation is of great importance, the end goal of Bible reading is application. For Womble, this is the crux of the matter. Scanning prominent theories of application and concluding with seven guidelines, this book is sure to help Jesus followers become more intentional doers of the word.

2021 book available from Wipf & Stock Publishers. See book recommendations

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Beyond Reasonable Doubt is not just another book among many tackling the issues surrounding the role of women in the church. After witnessing discussions on this topic in settings as varied as the seminary classroom, the foyers in the local church, and even his own living room, Scott Womble sought to bring these perspectives into one holistic discussion. The result is a comprehensive resource which addresses theology, exegesis and everyday life. Utilizing the hypothetical setting of a courtroom, Womble argues that the case which sentences women to secondary roles in ministry demands a retrial. An accumulation of 95 solid arguments is presented on behalf of the women who need a defense attorney as they await the verdict regarding their place in the church. His 95 theses raise more than reasonable doubt and clearly show that women must be released into ministry.

Scot McKnight called Beyond Reasonable Doubt, A Book That Cannot Be Ignored.” 

2008 book available on Amazon.


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